Krazalkovich Launches County Commissioner Bid

January 17, 2019

Upper Pottsgrove, PA – Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner France Krazalkovich officially announced his candidacy for Montgomery County Commissioner Thursday morning. France declared his bid for the county-wide office with strong support from his family, closest advisers and local elected officials.

France has been a cornerstone in local and county Republican politics for years, both in his own local races as well as others.

In his current position as an Upper Pottsgrove Township Commissioner, France has a strong demonstrated record of protecting taxpayers and increasing police resources in his home community. A record that other local officials say they’re proud to support.

State Senator Bob Mensch voiced his support of Krazalkovich, pointing out what he sees as numerous key strengths. The Harrisburg legislator, fresh off a 2018 reelection victory, said that France’s energy and proven track record on meaningful issues have made a real impact that can be seen throughout his district.

“France has been a great leader in local government for years, working hard on issues that matter most to his community. He is smart, energetic and level headed in his approach to government. His track record as a dedicated father and US Air Force veteran only further demonstrate his devotion to family and country”.

Commissioner Krazalkovich served stateside in the United States Air Force during operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, completing his four years of service in 1993. In the time since, France has been committed to bettering his community and making a living as a businessman. In 2015 he was appointed, then elected, to the Upper Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners; an experience that weighed heavily on his decision to run County Wide.

When asked for comment, France expressed both gratitude for his current position and excitement about the future.

“It is an honor serving my neighbors in Upper Pottsgrove, and being a local elected official is a job I truly enjoy. The trust consistently placed in me by the community is humbling, and I feel we have made major strides in the last four years. But now we need committed leadership at the County level, and once again I’m ready to serve.”

When asked about his strategy for victory, France’s response was straightforward.

“I’m looking forward to meeting our neighbors throughout the County, as many as I can, to hear their concerns and find out how we can work together to solve them”

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