Meet France Krazalkovich

France is a proud father and successful professional dedicated to public service and constitutional conservatism. He currently represents the residents of Upper Pottsgrove Township as Vice President of the Board of Commissioners, and serves as MCRC Area 2 Chairman, Member of the Republican State Committee for the 46th District, and PSATC Representative.

In his time as Commissioner, France negotiated the elimination of Township Per Capita Tax in FY2017 budget, with no increase in real estate tax, and a real estate tax DECREASE of 7% in FY2018 Township budget, while also setting aside – for the first time in several years – an operational cash reserve of almost 20% of the Township’s annual operating expenses. Both of these measures won unanimous approval. 

In addition, France authored and garnered unanimous support for resolutions which:
Opposed Unfunded State Mandates
Supported Municipal Pension Reform
Supported Local Use of Radar
Supported Sterling Act Reform
Supported Binding Arbitration Reform
Established a new Fire Protection Ordinance

In his working life, France is the Vice President of Operations at Managed IT firm in Limerick, employing a talented team of 25.

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